We would like to present you ten great ideas for your monthly travel inspiration! Check out our selection of these ten original adventures across the world! Happy trails!

Trek the Kaukasus

The Kaukasus trek in Georgia is relatively unknown. It encompasses challenging high peaks and amazing scenery with some of the passes covered with snow and ice. The Georgian people are known for their hospitality and will welcome you in their mountain villages with delicious Georgian food and wine.

Kaukasus trek Georgia. Photo by Nathab.
Kaukasus trek Georgia. Photo by Nathab.

Visit Jordan on foot

Jordan offers beautiful landscapes, friendly locals and famous old UNESCO monuments such as Roman ruins, Byzantium churches, castles and of course Petra. Visiting on foot will give you the peace and quiet to enjoy Jordan best!

Petra. Photo by Wikipedia.
Petra. Photo by Wikipedia.

Ride the no 28. tram in Lisboa

The no. 28 vintage tram in Lisboa, Portugal is the best and cheapest way to see the ins and outs of this fantastic city. The trams climbs up the cobbled alleyways while it passes alfresco café’s, charming parks and the white domed Estrele Basilica! Such a fun way to see the city!

Tram 28 Lisboa. Photo by Bunch of Backpackers.
Tram 28 Lisboa. Photo by Bunch of Backpackers.

Dive Lake Baikal

Take a dip in the largest sweet water lake of the world: Lake Baikal, Russia. And when you are tired of the wonders in the water you can always pay a visit to Okhlon Island which offers amazing scenery and of course tasty fish meals.

Lake Baikal. Photo by Bunch of Backpackers.
Lake Baikal. Photo by Bunch of Backpackers.

Jungle trek Chiang Mai

What about a multiple day jungle trek from the northern city of Chiang Mai, Thailand? In these fun treks you will learn all there is to know about wildlife, nature and the jungle village life! The trek usually involves rafting, elephant riding and overnight village stays! After the trek re-energize yourself in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai with a cooking course, a visit to the beautiful temples, a massage or a visit to the vibrant night markets.

Jungle rafting. Photo by Bunch of Backpackers.
Jungle rafting Thailand. Photo by Bunch of Backpackers.

Experience the Cu Chi Tunnels

Covering a length of more than 121 kilometres (75 miles) the Cu Chi Tunnel complex was used by the Viet Cong during the terrible Vietnam War. Tunnel life was dark and difficult. These days it possible to have your own tunnel experience in a ‘for tourist broadened’ section of the tunnels. Many tourists get stuck or get out quick in one of the ‘emergency exits’. Can you handle it?

Cu Chi tunnels Vietnam. Photo by Bunch of Backpackers.
Cu Chi tunnels Vietnam. Photo by Bunch of Backpackers.

Feel at home at the Kvivik Igloo

The Kvivik Igloo at the Faroe Islands of Denmark is a bizarre shaped geodome style iglo with the roof covered with grass. It is highly recommended to spend the night in one of the iglo’s. The picturesque village with remains of the Viking houses is also worth a visit.

Kvivik iglo by Tiny Housing.
Kvivik iglo by Tiny Housing.

What’s in a name?

The village of ‘llanfairwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch’ has the longest name of the world and is situated in Wales. It is possible to have your passport stamped at a local shop. Of course, the beautiful countryside of Wales is well worth a visit and has great walking opportunities.

Snowdonia (Wales) by Plas Coch.

See amazing Gilf al Kebir

The Gilf Kebir plateau lies in the remote southwest corner of Egypt. The plateau is known for its rugged beauty, diverse colors, remoteness, cliff painting and rock carvings. The plateau can be reached via Cairo, Siwa and the Great Sand Sea. 4WD jeeps and professional guides are a must.

Gilf el Kebir. Photo by Spazidav Ventura.
Gilf el Kebir. Photo by Spazidav Ventura.

Dare to take Leo’s secret great wall tour

We all know pictures of the great wall, on which the wall looks strong, new and shiny. What most people do not know is that these pictures are taken at Badaling – a restored part of the Great Wall. We therefore dare you to take Leo’s secret Great Wall tour. This tour will take you to an intensive, but rewarding walk on unrestored parts. You even have the chance to stay overnight! This will be your most authentic wall experience!

Leo's Secret Great Wall Tour. Photo by Bunch of Backpackers.
Leo’s Secret Great Wall Tour. Photo by Bunch of Backpackers


  1. Nice list, and I definitely got some ideas what I want to add on my own bucket list. Especially trek the Kaukasus, it would be awesome.

  2. great list, it’s always so interesting to see fellow bloggers bucketlists – makes you realise how much there is to see on this world!! my fav would be the igloo in denmark from your list…looks awesomw

  3. I’ve experienced a couple of these things already and they were brilliant (Tunnels in Vietnam and jungle trek in Thailand) I would love to do Jordan on foot. I really want to see Petra. I love trams so would happily see Lisbon that way and my passport is missing a stamp from the longest place name in the world (which I live a few hours from!) so that has to be done :) Great list!

  4. Wonderful list Manouk! To use an overused adjective, Kaukasus trek in Georgia is really “BREATHTAKING!!” So many beautiful places to see in this world – wish I had two lifetimes to visit them all!

  5. Those Kvivik Igloos look awesome, at the first glance I thought that I see two houses, but after reading the title I realized that they are igloos where I can stay during the visit there.
    Please tell me if a budget of $30/day is enough to go there. Thank you.


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