Solo travel is fun, but can be lonely at times. Hostels are the perfect place to make new friends. For me, the difference between a good hostel and great hostel is the atmosphere. This overview of ‘Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia’ selected all hostels on basis of atmosphere: e.g. social, fun and friendly. They often have a busy common room, group tours, evening activities and parties or a bar. Staying in one of these hostels, guarantees you will have the time of your life.

Discover my 10 favorite party hostels in Asia. 

Best hostels for solo travelers in Asia 

Begadang Backpackers, Gili Air – Indonesia

Gili Air is one of those paradisiac islands where people come to chill and enjoy island life. If you couple this with a hostel like Begadang Backpackers, then you have a winning combination. Begadang Backpackers is perhaps the best hostel I have ever stayed in, and I have stayed in quite a few. The location is just perfect, in the north west of the island, a few minutes walk from the beach and ideal for enjoying the sunset. The hostel consists of a few bamboo huts (a mixture of small dorms and private ones) arranged around a toadstool-shaped pool. Just think about this for one moment. A toadstool swimming pool! Can it get any cooler than that?

Right by the pool is an open bamboo canopy that acts as a common room, where everyone hangs out. It’s an extremely social hostel – after all Begadang in Indonesian means to stay up late or all night, but there is a no noisy policy after midnight so you can still get a good sleep. But aside from all this, what I really liked about it is that it supports the neighbouring local businesses. The hostel is very clear about not providing any shopping or eating services, so guests go out to the neighbouring shops and restaurants and support the local economy.

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Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia – Begadang Backpackers was visited and reviewed by Brogan Abroad.

Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia. Begadang Backpackers, Gili Air (1)
Begadang Backpackers. Copyright Brogan Abroad.
Reggae Mansion – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Reggae Mansion in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a great hostel to stay at, as it is very sociable and has an excellent atmosphere. It is located in Chinatown and there are various sized rooms, but there is also a memorable 24 bed dorm. Now this may sound cramped, but it is actually a massive room, that has plenty of space, is clean and each bed is in a “pod”, so you have your own privacy, locker to place items, bed light etc.

The are many other facilities on site, which are a great way to meet other people, from communal dinners to a cinema room, to a comfy lounge and an out door terraced area. However, the main attraction of the hostel is that it has a great rooftop bar, that not only has some of the cheapest alcohol in Kuala Lumpur, but also an amazing view of the city skyline including the Petronas Towers and KL Tower. Up at the rooftop bar, it is very easy to meet and socialize with fellow travellers, to then arrange activities for the next day around Kuala Lumpur.

This is what makes it one the most memorable and best hostels in Asia in my opinion. So if you’re in Kuala Lumpur, travelling solo, then make sure you stay at Reggae Mansion!

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Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia – Reggae Mansion was visited and reviewed by Craig Russell of No Real Plan

Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia. Reggae Mansion.
Reggae Mansion. Copyrigh No Real Plan.
Mad Monkey – Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

Why should prime beach side locations be the exclusive province of the luxury traveler?

Well, backpackers can rejoice at the amazing Mad Monkey hostel in Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia. More like a “backpacker resort,” this hostel has a private beach and secluded location that can only be accessed via long tail boat. That isolation gives the hostel a unique community vibe perfect for making friends, as you and the other guests have only each other to interact with!

But, don’t worry, you won’t be at a loss for things to do here, By day, the hostel organizes group fishing and snorkeling trips around the island. You’ll be back in time to watch fire-dancers and sip a sundowner on the hostel’s beach. By night, the expansive deck turns into a dance floor where you can party the night away. If you want to sleep, though, worry not because the hostel’s open-air rooms are buried deep in the jungle.

Hostels are almost always a great bet for the solo traveler, but you’ll be especially impressed at the unique setting and community feel of Mad Monkey Koh Rong Samloem!

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Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia – Mad Monkey was visited and reviewed by Nathaniel Hake of Travel Lemming.

Mad Monkey Hostel Cambodia Best Hostels for Solo Travelers
The Mad Monkey Hostel in Cambodia. Photo courtesy of the Mad Monkey Hostels.
Hangover Hostels – Sri Lanka 

Hangover Hostels are a hostel chain in Sri Lanka with quirky, modern backpack hostels. They currently have four hostels near the Katunayake Airport, in Colombo, Ella and Mirissa. They have a fun-loving, party vibe with large communal areas. Hangover Mirissa also has a little cafe where even outside guests come, chill and have a fabulous time. Their Suicide Burgers are a popular option among many travelers who come to Mirissa.

The Colombo hostel organizes activities for their guests including pub crawls, street food nights, Halloween parties etc. Recently, they organized Sunset Sessions in their Airport hostel which was a weekend event with music and good food. Me and my partner were recently at their Ella hostel and on our last day, it was a movie night at the hostel. They also organize night tours to nearby cafes and restaurants in Ella. The hostels are clean, safe and have comfortable dorm beds with large lockers. So even if you are an introvert, they are a good place to be, and you would have all the privacy you need.

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Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia  – The Hangover Hostels were visited and reviewed by Nathan and Zinara of NatNZin

Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia
Hangover Hostel! Copyright NatNZin
Ostello Bello Hostel – Myanmar

Ostello Bello Hostel in Myanmar was a game changer for my travel experience throughout the beautiful country. They have three hostels throughout Myanmar, in Bagan, Inle, and Mandalay. All popular destinations for backpackers so I continuously bumped into the people and formed really valuable friendships with a lot of the travelers on my circuit. In the end, it felt like I’d cultivated a small family of like-minded travelers.

The hostel offers many tours and excursions at a great price and which benefit the local community’s small businesses. Some of the tours are free, such as the history tour through Bagan’s temples. Others are about $10 such as the cooking class I did with a local Burmese woman who took me to a local market and then taught me how to make the most delicious Burmese meals. It is one of my most memorable cultural experiences.

They also help you with local services such as laundry, scooter rental, taxis, and bus reservations; all at reasonable prices! In addition to these local services, the hostel has wonderful common spaces where travelers can connect, hang out, drink, and play games. Every day the hostel hosts an entertain event/theme to get travelers to come together and have fun. If you’re tired of dorms, they also offer private rooms which I signed up in Mandalay for during the end of my tour and it felt like a luxury hotel! I strongly recommend this the Ostello Bello Hostel in Myanmar during your travels!

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Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia – The Ostello Bello Hostel was visited and reviewed by G. Isabella of Dominicana Abroad.

Ostello Bello Hostel Myanmar Best Hostels for Solo Travelers
Ostello Bello Hostel food in Myanmar. Copyright Dominica Abroad
Ringo’s Foyer – Melaka, Malaysia

I have insider information on what makes Ringo’s Foyer in Melaka one of the best hostels for solo travelers in Asia, because I was a volunteer there for two months. Perhaps best proof of the hostel’s popularity is that at check-out time staff are juggling beds and bookings because so many guests choose to extend their stay! Beds in the dormitory are in capsule-like pods for privacy but for socializing there is a large roof terrace as well as a cosy and quirky TV room.

The owner goes out of his way to encourage a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. When new guests arrive they are shown around and introduced to as many people as possible whilst off-duty volunteers regularly ‘round-up’ travellers at lunch or dinner time and show them the best spots to eat.

Evenings will often find people chatting on the terrace – maybe with a barbecue or playing games and often later in the night everybody will take off to one of the cool bars on the river. Best of all are the regular group cycle rides which also encourage solo travellers to meet others. The cycle tours may take in the floating mosque, Chinese Hill or a local food market and often end up with everybody taking dinner together…and extending their stay at the hostel.

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Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia – Ringo’s Foyer was visited and reviewed by Jane Clements who explains ‘How NOT to behave in a hostel’ 

Bike tour in Melaka Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia
Bike Tour in Melaka, Malaysia. Copyright Scarlet Jones Travels
The Slumber Party Hostel – Ao Nang, Thailand

Looking for the perfect hostel in Krabi Province, Thailand? Then Slumber Party Hostel in Ao Nang is your answer. Slumber Party is a chain of hostels that be found throughout Asia and they pride themselves on building a community and hospitality. Yes, they are a party hostel, but a trip to Thailand would not be complete without at least one-party night, right?

Each night the hostel has some type of activity to bring the guests together. Three nights a week they host a bar crawl that starts at the hostel and they take you to 3 bars in downtown Ao Nang. On the other nights they have Free Vodka Night, a Beer Pong Tournament, and Game Night. They also organize day trips to go rock climbing at Railay Beach.

Even if you do not drink, the staff is there to make sure you have an awesome time. They introduce guests to each other and everyone feels welcome. If you are looking to make friends in Southern Thailand then this is the place to do it!

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Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia – Slumber Party Hostel was visited and reviewed by Gina of Jet Set and Forget.

Best hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia. Slumber Party bar crawl. Copyright Jet Set Guru.
Slumber Party bar crawl. Copyright Jet Set and Forget.
Bali Green Hostel – Seminyak, Indonesia

Located in the heart of Seminyak, the Bali Green Hostel is the perfect spot for everyone looking for a local, authentic and fun experience in Bali. Founded by a bunch of Indonesian surf dudes, who have all been working at the big surf schools in Bali, they offer a truly awesome combination of sleeping, chilling and, of course, surfing. Every morning all guests and the guys come together to discuss waves, swell and conditions.

Decide for yourself, whether you want to join the group or simply want to hang out. Even if you stay at the hostel for the whole day, you’ll be able to watch daily life go by in the rice field right next to the hostel. Not in the surf mood? Ask the guys for advice or simply walk down to the beach, which is in walking distance to Bali Green. The weekends here are filled with music played by the guys and some true crew love.

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Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia – This hostel was visited and reviewed by Clemens Sehi of Travellers Archive, who also wrote this Indonesia travel guide. 

Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia - Bali Green Hostel
Ready to surf at the Bali Green Hostel. Copyright Travellers Archive.
Time Capsule Hostel – Penang, Malaysia 

One of our favorite hostels in Asia we tried, which is ideal for solo travelers, is the very cool futuristic-like Time Capsule hostel in Penang. It is an excellent budget option, located in the heart of the Georgetown in Penang. You get your own comfortable bed in a private space at a minimum price. Also included in the price is a Time Capsule bag of goodies, which includes your headphone set, card to activate the pod, towel and toiletries.

The pods are split into rows of 2, 4 or 8, depending on length of stay: the longer you stay, the smaller your pod area. Most guests usually stay for 1-2 nights. Each pod is equipped with a TV, mirror, beautiful backlight, Air Con, safe, coat hanger, electricity supply, USB port, a bottle of water, comfortable mattress, pillows and a closing door, which locks from the inside. The futuristic purple light was our favorite feature. 

The hostel also has a super cool trendy café which is the perfect place to meet fellow backpackers and exchange travel tips. We loved this the most about the Time Capsule Hostel. Time Capsule Hostel is definitely one of the best hostels for solo travelers. 

Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia – This hostel was visited and reviewed by Stefan and Sebastien of Nomadic Boys, who created this Gay Guide to Penang.

Best hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia.
Time Capsule Hostel. Copyright Nomadic Boys.
Roommates Hostel – George Town, Malaysia 

During our last trip through South East Asia we spend quite a lot of time in Malaysian city of George Town working on our blog. We stayed in four different hostels not that there was something wrong with them we just like checking out more places and meeting new people. Our favorite hostel in George Town was Roommates, a very nice, clean and comfortable place. The hostel isn’t big and not really a crazy party hostel: people sit outside, drink beer at night. Due to its small size everybody gets to know each other, it has chilled and very social vibe. Most people who stay here are couples or solo travelers, no big groups.

The location of Roommates is great on a quite street but just around the corner from one of the main touristy streets with many bars, restaurants and very busy night life. We went out every night with a couple of people from the hostel. There are inside and outside common areas with table and chairs where you can sit and chat with other travelers. Both dormitories in the hostel are quite spacious with big bunk beds, each bed has curtains which is great, it gives you some privacy. All beds have a personal light, an outlet and a locker. The communal kitchen has all you need for cooking and storing food.

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Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia – This hostel was visited and reviewed by Campbell and Alya of Stingy Nomads.

Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia. Roommates-hostel-George-Town
Roommates Hostel Georgetown. Copyright Stingy Nomads.
Chill Out Hostel – Boracay, Philippines

Normally, there are two types of hostels: there are fun party hostels where the infrastructure is somewhat worn down and cleanliness is secondary and then there are the modern and clean hostels with a somewhat sterile atmosphere. But the Chill Out Hostel in Boracay is one of the few hostels that offers the best of both worlds. The building itself is new and modern, the rooms are very clean and yet, the atmosphere in the hostel in unbeatable. The common area is located around the swimming pool so it is easy getting to know other travelers.

At Chill Out Hostel you will also get a lot of bang for your buck: The day usually starts with a free hearty breakfast served by the lovely owners. On windy days, you can get a 15 minute free kite surfing trial. Coffee and tea are free all day and from 7-9pm you can help yourself with free rum (yes, really). During this time, you will definitely make new friends over a couple of glasses before exploring the vibrant nightlife of Boracay. The hostel also offers several activities like traditional cooking lessons, boat trips and kite surfing lessons.

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Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia – Chill Out Hostels was visited and reviewed by Mike of 197 Travel Stamps.

Sunset Boracay. Copyright 197 travel stamps.
Six Degrees Backpackers hostel – Jakarta, Indonesia

When we travel to Indonesia, we usually end up in Jakarta for a couple days at the end of our trip. When we do, we always stay at Six Degrees Backpackers Hostel. For us, Six Degrees is a “destination hostel” – meaning you don’t necessarily need to leave the hostel to have a good time. And if, like us, you’ve seen most everything in Jakarta and just want to wind down after a long journey through Indonesia, it’s the perfect place to stay.

A pool table, a huge library of TV shows and movies, all-day coffee, a small gym, a kitchen – what more do you need? How about a rooftop terrace and bar? Six Degrees has a nightly DJ and a weekly dinner featuring delicious Indonesian food. In addition to all of that, the owners are completely involved in running the place. If you have an issue, they’ll take care of it immediately. We couldn’t imagine staying somewhere else. Six Degrees has been recognized as one of Indonesia’s best hostels. Is isn’t hard to see why.

–> View and Book Six Degrees Hostel now

Six Degrees hostel was visited and review by The Round the World Guys. This a link to their extensive review on ‘Six Degrees Hostel

Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia. Six Degrees.
Rooftop of the Six Degrees Hostel. Copyright The Round the World Guys.
Ciao Hostel – Flores, Indonesia

Labuanbajo on Flores Island, Indonesia is the gateway to the Komodo National park… home of amazing scuba and snorkeling and the home of the infamous and deadly Komodo dragons.Tourism is booming here after a new airport was recently built. For many years, the budget accommodation choices were dire, but this changed in 2017 when the Ciao Hostel was opened.

This Italian-owned hostel is perched on the hill above town and arguably has the best view of the sea and sunsets. They provide an hourly shuttle for anyone who wants to go down to town, but the distance is walkable. The lobby is the social room – there is always someone there using the wi-fi. At 9 pm, it becomes a movie theater – six titles are given daily and the one with the highest votes is shown. The front desk books reasonably priced tours and will help you find others to share tours. The best spot is the roof – you can buy a big Bintang beer from the front desk and watch the setting sun.

–> View and Book the Ciao Hostel now. 

Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia – Visited and reviewed by Lisa of the Hot Flashpacker

Best Hostels for Solo Travelers
Labuanbajo sunset in the Philippines. Copyright Hot Flashpacker.

I would like to thank my fellow travel bloggers for their contributions to this article. Personally, I only stayed in Six Degrees! Would love to see the other hostels mentioned in this article though. What is your favorite sociable hostel?

If you miss a place in this overview of Best Hostels for Solo Travelers in Asia, please let me know in the comments!!

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  1. One of our favorite hostels in Asia we tried, which is ideal for solo travelers, is the very cool futuristic-like Time Capsule hostel in Penang. It is an excellent budget option, located in the heart of the Georgetown in Penang


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