BoB was nominated for a virtual Liebster award by Martijn and Antonette, the adventurous Dutch couple of the We12travel blog. What an honor!

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What is the Liebster award?

The Liebster award is a virtual award that contains ten questions about you and your blog. These questions were chosen by the blogger who nominated you. The award hold similarities of the chain letter concept. Once you received an award, you will have to pass it on to some of your own favorite bloggers and so the chain continues. Of course, you will have to come up with ten new questions.

The origins of the Liebster award are unknown. The name suggests that it may have started in Germany, since Liebster means beloved or dearest in German. A fellow blogger ‘Sopphey Says’ found the earliest mention in 2010. The Liebster Award is a great way to discover new aspiring bloggers!

Who nominated BoB?

BoB was nominated by fellow Dutchies Martijn and Antonette from the ‘We12travel‘ blog. With their endless enthusiasm they are definitely ‘one-to-watch’! The We12travel blog focusses on the outdoors, adventure and active traveling. No beach-style holiday for Martijn and Antonette! They’d rather  go hiking, camping, mountainbiking, kayaking etc. Make sure to check out their website :)!

Martijn and Antonnete of We12travel. ©We12travel.
Martijn and Antonette of We12travel. ©We12travel.

The questions and answers of the Liebster award 

Below you can find Martijn and Antonette’s questions and my answers!

Q1: What is your earliest travel memory?
A1: In my youth, me and my parents often traveled to Germany (Schwarzwald or the Mosel region). Here we stayed at a cottage and I remember the fun of arriving there, unpacking and playing in the fields around the cottage!

Q2:Who would you never travel with again?
A2: I did a few ‘group’ trips and in those groups there were sometimes characters that I wouldn’t like to travel for a long time with! Fortunately, in those groups you could easily avoid them ;)!

Q3: What’s the most luxurious place you have ever stayed at?
A3: In terms of room size, view and facilities this was probably the Bangkok Chatrium Hotel! During that stay I had my own living room, kitchen and a great bedroom view over the Chao Praya river and Bangkok. However, I also truly enjoyed my stay at Mui Ne Backpackers resort (back then it was called Vietnam-Austria House). This may not have been ‘luxurious’ in terms of money, but it was a clean, modern private room and it was only 10 meters from my front door to the beach which was perfect! It may also have felt extra luxurious after weeks of big dorms!

Q4: And what is the least luxurious place you have ever stayed at?
A4: Easy one! It was a guesthouse in India (I believe it was in Haridwar). In this guesthouse I opted for the cheapest room available which was a bad choice in retrospective. The sheets were dirty, the bathroom was really dirty and everything in the room was broken!

Q5: What would you like others to memorize about your blog?
A5: That there is so much more out there which is worth exploring! I hope that visitors of my blog will read about a destination and think ‘I would love to go there’. Or that they see photographs of a cultural event and think ‘I would love to know more’. In general my blog inspires to visit beautiful places, meet intriguing cultures and to travel with an open-mind. Also, we provide useful tips and tricks! I hope they will memorize that traveling is easy, fun and rewarding!

Salar de Uyuni in Boliva. ©Bunch of Backpackers.
Salar de Uyuni in Boliva. ©Bunch of Backpackers.

Q6: How did you start blogging?
A6: Friends would often ask me for travel tips, after which I provided them with an extensive document full of tips for their destination! I found out that I really enjoyed making this documents and about a year ago I decided it was better (and also more practical) to just put all stuff on the web. Also, it was great way to release some of my enthusiasm for traveling and certain destinations :)!

Q7: How do you think of ideas what to write about?
A7: They just come natural. And often. Maybe too often. I’ve got a notebook with enough ideas to last BoB many more years!

Q8: If you could travel to 3 countries for free, which ones would you pick?
A8: Bhutan, Ireland and Ethiopia

Coast of northern Ireland. ©Bunch of Backpackers.
Coast of northern Ireland. ©Bunch of Backpackers.

Q9: Have you ever forgotten something really important when you left home and how did you solve it?
A9: Nothing comes to mind!

Q10: What is your favorite place in the entire world?
A10: To avoid the ‘difficultness’ of this question my answer is Asia! Big place.. I know ;)!

My Liebster award nominations 


l’ll pass on the Liebster love to some of my favorite fellow travel bloggers!

Drum roll please!!

– Jules and Christine of Don’t Forget to Move. This cool couple helps you to ‘travel deeper for cheaper’!
– Margherita and Nick of The Crowded Planet. The combination of a writer (Margherita) and a photographer (Nick) leads to a beautiful website full of travel inspiration!
– Raphael of A Journey of Wonders. This Mexican-born traveler motivates you to explore the wonders of the world!
– Dave of Cook Sip Go. Dave is currently based in Ethiopia and blogs about food, drinks and travel in Africa.
– Jempi and Nina of Travelboulevard. The blog of this Belgium couple is all about travel fun and adventure and focusses on luxury travel.

My liebster award questions

These are your questions:

1. How did you come up with the idea of starting a travel blog?
2. What was the inspiration for your blog name?
3. Who or what inspired you to travel?
4. What was the biggest culture shock you’ve encountered during your travels?
5. In which country did you experience the greatest hospitality?
6. What was your biggest ‘low’ moment during your travels?
7. Which place is your ‘hidden gem’ e.g. a place that you loved, but is little known amongst other travelers?
8. What is your favorite travel music?
9. A non-travel question: What is your ‘guilty pleasure’?
10. Where are you off to next?

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  1. Congrats! You and your site deserve recognition! Just FYI, I found you through my friend @CyleODonnell ‘s podcast.


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