We met on Instagram. Two design engineers from Delft, one travel blogger from nearby Rotterdam. Wouter and Robert had just started their own clothing brand ‘Bruut van Bot’ and I immediately fell in love with their scarfs and the general concept of the brand. Curious about the background of Bruut van Bot, I decided to ask them a few questions, because how do two young design engineers end up in the clothing industry?

What exactly is Bruut van Bot?

Bruut van Bot, The Nepal Brand, is a new type of clothing brand with fair trade scarves and other products that are handmade by Nepali people in Nepal. We, Robert Hooft and Wouter Struijk, established Bruut van Bot at the end of 2014.

Wouter Struijk Robert Hooft Nepal Bruut van Bot

Can you tell us how it all started?

Bruut van Bot was born on a journey through the Himalayas. We have visited Mount Everest, seen Bengal tigers, stayed at local villages and taught English at a local school. These countless inspirations and experiences led to the beginning of a new type of clothing brand: Bruut van Bot. After visiting several manufacturers, we finally found our first companion: Rabindra, who locally produces typical Nepali clothing and accessories. Together we designed our first prototypes in Kathmandu.

Where does the name Bruut van Bot come from?

It must have been the altitude high up in the Himalayas, but two rather meaningless words (‘bruut’ and ‘bot’) that are used in Dutch slang, together made up a word that for us represents adventure, curiosity and sturdiness.

Scarf and jacket Bruut van Bot Nepal
Fairtrade scarves of Bruut van Bot
I love that name! So, what exactly is the difference between your products and traditional clothing?

With Bruut van Bot we want to give people an alternative to clothing companies that have become incredibly anonymous without any transparency to its customers, and sell clothing that is not produced in a sustainable manner. Our products are therefore 100% locally handcrafted by Nepali people who earn a proper salary. Furthermore, we want to give our brand a face, by showing people what we know about the manufacturing process and our materials for example. We call that our ‘open kitchen’. With this we hope to change the current fashion industry, even if it’s just a little bit.

And what does that have to do with Nepal?

We want to put Nepal on the map as a beautiful country with a rich culture. We therefore see it as our mission to integrate our inspiration into clothing that is both functional and fashionable. We take our inspiration directly from Nepal. Down jackets are for example worn very frequently by local Nepali people in the mountains, because they are warm, easily compressible and super light. And the fine pashmina comes directly from Nepal’s own mountain goat.

Our brand Bruut van Bot combines both functionality and design in products that are adventurous, sturdy, authentic & reliable.


How can people find more info or get in touch with Bruut van Bot?

On our website, we share information, articles and special offers with our followers. Our products are being sold through our own web shop and through Ray Brandstore in Delft.

Scarf and jacket Bruut van Bot

Spring time! Win a Bruut van Bot soft shell jacket or a pashmina scarf

It’s spring! My favorite time of the year. Bruut van Bot and Bunch of Backpackers teamed up to give away four prizes:

  • First prize: One soft shell jacket (worth 99 euro) for men
  • 3x second prize: A pashimina fairtrade scarf (worth 49 euro each) for women

I had the opportunity to try out the pashmina and I love it! The scarf feels soft and luxurious and is warm, yet light! It’s perfect for this time of the year and to wear during your travels of course.

To participate, simply enter your email address into the ‘Rafflecopter’ (scroll down). For each action you will earn extra entries! This contest is open for participants worldwide and starts Monday March 16th and ends Wednesday April 8th. The terms and conditions can be found in the Rafflecopter.



Scarf and jacket Bruut van Bot Nepal 2

Winners will receive a pashmina scarf (worth 49 euro) or a soft shell jacket (worth 99 euro)

Manouk wearing Bruut van Bot scarf pashmina
Manouk wearing a Bruut van Bot pashmina.

The interview and giveaway were organized in collaboration with Bruut van Bot :)! Views and opinions are, as always my own. All photos accept the last one are taken and owned by Bruut van Bot. 

Update 2018: Unfortunately, Bruut van Bot closed his doors.

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  1. Awesome giveaway! The scarves look really nice. I’d love to see cool travel and gear bags produced, especially those camera bags that look like purses. I bet they could have very nice ones made in Nepal :)

  2. Wauw. Love the jacket. Last week i got a surgery in my elbow. Now i’m sleeping All day. Hope to go outside (warm) soon. This jacket would be awesome. Xxx

  3. A like this giveaway! I like the soft shell jacket very much. I ‘d like to see more colors of the current jackets for example in the colors red, yellow, blue and green (the colors of the prayer flags that you see in Nepal;-)). I think a travel bag for hikes and trekkings could be nice product, also in the colors red, yellow, blue and green.

  4. I’d like to see hats that chan change… don’t know how to explain. To use for the sun but if you change the tissue upside down or put a botton on it it becomes a different hat! :) I love hats!

  5. It would be really nice if you could make shirts with very bright colors and maybe add some “nepal” designs like symbols to make it even more fashionable.
    other thing would be to make beanies.
    or fuzzy socks.

    • The 100% pashmina scarfs are very pretty indeed: super soft, incredibly comfortable and they look amazing too! Only 32 hours to go before we can choose the winners. Good luck!

      Bruut van Bot

  6. We will email the winners tomorrow (thursday)! The rafflecopter automatically selects the four winners. I will hold thumbs for all of you :)!


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