About a year ago I wrote a post about my funky camera strap ‘Indian Summer’ which I had bought at the webshop ‘Kekke camerariem’. At that time the webshop had just opened his doors. Now Kekke Camerariem has become increasingly popular amongst photographers. 

So, what exactly is a Kekke Camerariem? 

Most standard SLR straps are black (and a bit dull to be honest). So, Kekke Camerariem (‘Funky Camerastrap) decided to offer hip and comfortable camera straps which you can wear around your neck with pride! As you know, I have the Indian Summer strap and everywhere I go, I’m approached by people asking me where I got it. Always a good sign ;)

What are the camera straps made of?  

The camera strap feels comfortable around your neck (even after wearing it 4 days in a row during a Machu Picchu hike!), because the strap is partly made of neoprene rubber. This is a material often used for diving suits, wetsuits etc. and is soft, elastic and strong. The funky part of the camera strap is unique with each strap. There are more than 40 different neoprene straps designs on offer with dreamy names like ‘The valley’, ‘Indian summer’ and ‘Americano’.

What can we expect from Kekke Camerariem in the future?

Kekke Camerariem hopes that their camera straps will soon be found all over the world!

Compilation strap

You can also win a camera strap! 

Happy to announce this new contest! Because I received so many positive reactions on my colorful strap the owner of Kekke Camerariem (Dirk van der Hoeven) and me decided to organize this giveaway :)

So what do you have to do then?

It’s quite simple! 

Enter your email address (or log in with FB) into the ‘Rafflecopter’ (scroll down). For each action you will earn extra entries! This contest is open for participants worldwide and starts October 7th 12AM runs until november 4th 12AM. We will only use the email addresses to contact the winner.

The winner may pick a camera strap of the Kekke Camerariem collection

Win a camera strapof Kekke Camerariem (5)

-The rafflecopter- 


Thank you for participating! 

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  1. There are too many photogenic places but here are some of my favourites: Etosha – Namibia, Bwindi NP – Uganda, Torres del Paine – Chile, Veluwe – the Netherlands, Galway & Cliffs of Moher – Ireland =)

  2. I have been to so many photogenic places that I can’t pick one, but recently I loved the old town of Tossa de Mar, a little medieval town on the Costa Brava in Spain. Cute, and amazing coastline too – great for pictures.

  3. I think the most photogenic spot I’ve ever been was… Trinidad in Cuba! Colourful houses, red roofs, old cars, beautiful (old) people playing gitars… an amazing place for pictures.

    • Oeh that sounds amazing Britt! Yeah, lately I’ve seen many photo’s of Instagram and it looks like a colorful place. Would love to go there some day!!

    • Good choice Amanda! Yes, in Rome every spot is worthy of a photo! Never been to Scotland, but I can imagine the landscapes are unsurpassed :)!

    • Have yet to visit these places Irina, but I’ve seen some great photo’s of both of them :) Especially the San Blas islands should be amazing!

  4. De meest fotogenieke spot lijkt me dat kraampje waar die kekke camerariem-meneer staat, maar daar ben ik nog niet geweest. Dus in dat geval is Lissabon een goed alternatief… ;)

  5. I’d go for Argentina because of all the different landscapes in one country: tropical jungle, pampas, mountains, red rock areas and so on.

    In general I like taking pictures on markets because of all the local produces, colors and of course the lovely locals.

    Btw, I’m a Dutchie who’s gonna live in Australia so I’m definitely gonna make sure all Aussies get to know my kekke camerariem :)

  6. The most photogenic place I have been is the South Island of New Zealand…around every corner is another spectacular view!

    • I wondered if someone would mention New Zealand :)! Yes, NZ landscapes must be stunning! Would love to go there (if only to visit the LotR film locations ;))

  7. Meest fotogenieke plek? Gambia, vanwege de kleurrijke mensen. En ook ‘hometown’ Brugge vind ik nog steeds geweldig fotogeniet!

    • Ik hoor de laatste veel mooie dingen over Gambia :)! Brugge lijkt mij ook heel fotogeniek. Ik ben tot nu toe alleen nog maar in Gent geweest terwijl het helemaal niet zo heel ver weg is van NL!

    • Yes, Norway is suppose to be beautiful! Haven’t been there yet, because it’s also quite expensive? Look forward to see the fjords some day though :)

  8. Ah! I love those camera straps! They are so colorful beautiful! I’d say the most photogenic place I’ve ever been have been the Corn Islands. Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Yay!! I may go to Nicaragua soon, but don’t think I’ll make it to the Corn Islands :(! They look beautiful though!

  10. Preko, a little island at Croatia, was for me the most photogenic place I’ve ever been. It was such a peaceful, quiet, and beautiful place that my memory card was full after a few hours!

  11. Meest fotogenieke plaats waar ik ben geweest is.. Castellane in Frankrijk!
    Deze camerariemen zijn geweldig! Ik zou er heel graag eentje willen winnen!

  12. Het prachtigste waar ik ben geweest is in Columbia, de kleuren van het land, bijna niet te geloven zo mooi dat het daar is, extremen, sjieke buurten, tot echt armoede..Als je dat vastlegd dan zie je pas de verschillen.


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