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Japan is perfect for all types of travelers. There is so much to see and do, you can easily spent a few months here. Getting around is easy, but can quite expensive. I would recommend to purchase a JR railpass. Some of the best backpacker hostels are in Japan. They are perfect for meeting new travel friends and finding budget tours. Japan is a great country for independent travelers. Don’t forget to check out the ‘Make a Plan’ section on this blog for loads of general backpacking tips. Are you ready for your Japan adventure?

11 x ‘Do As The Japanese Do’ For Travelers

While going through my travel notes for my '11 quirky things in Japan' article, I stumbled upon a word cloud which I had created...

Peace and quiet during a temple stay in Takayama, Japan

While traveling in Japan I stumbled upon the 'Zenko-ji temple inn'. This is a traditional Japanese Buddhist temple in Hida-Takayama converted into a peaceful hostel. Coming from the bright...

Staying in a female capsule hotel in Nagoya, Japan

Even though capsule hotels were originally invented as cheap accommodations for Japanese business men, who are too drunk to go home, they are rapidly...