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How much does it cost to travel in …. Find out how much travelers spent during their trip in the extensive Money Matters series: including daily travel costs, budget tips and price examples. Real expenses by real travelers.

Money Matters: Costs to travel in Japan

For many travelers Japan is a dream destination with its beautiful temples, fascinating culture and the Tokyo neon lights. Bruce Moerdjiman from the Netherlands visited...

Money Matters: Costs of first-time backpacking in Thailand

Thailand: a country that doesn't really need an introduction. We all know it has delicious food, welcoming people and gorgeous white beaches. It is...

Money Matters: How much does it cost to backpack Georgia?

Backpacking in Georgia - Day tour to David Gareja.
From snow-capped peaks towering high above ancient watch towers to vineyards, canyons and vibrant cities. Georgia, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, has...

Money Matters: How much money do you need to backpack Peru?

Peru barely needs an introduction: the country is famous for Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Colca Canyon. Also, it's relatively easy to travel around...

Money matters: What are the costs to travel in Argentina?

Argentina...Don't cry for me Argentina! Argentina is the country of passion, tango, the best beef in the world, Maradona and of course beautiful scenery...

Money Matters: Costs to travel in Guatemala

Costs to travel in Guatemala
Guatemala is one of Central America's most diverse nations with the Maya culture still embedded in the country. David Beattie traveled to Guatemala during his...

Money Matters: Costs of backpacking in Colombia

Colombia is an upcoming  travel destination in South America. It has loads to offer from surfing and beaching to jungle trekking and mountains. And let's not...

Money matters: Costs to travel in Cuba

costs cuba
Cuba is the country of rum, rhythm and romance and an intriguing travel destination. David Beattie visited Cuba during his longterm backpacking trip in Central...

Money Matters: Costs of backpacking in Iran

Esfahan, Iran Costs Copyright Bunch of Backpackers
Iran is incredibly easy on the wallet since the costs of food, accommodation and transportation are low. The only thing that is (relatively) expensive...