Have you ever noticed that more and more people have DSLR’s? And have you also noticed that all those people wear the same boring neck straps? 80% (not evidence based) of the time they are black and yellow (Nikon) or black and red (Canon). Since the brand name fills your whole strap, you’re pretty much a walking advertisement. So why not turning your camera strap into a more fashionable item? Maybe with a bit more colour and design and a bit less brand name?

I went looking for a strap that was cool, hip, funky and colourful. It also had to be comfortable, strong and durable. At first it seemed like a mission impossible, until I stumbled upon a Dutch webshop called ‘Kekke camerariem’ (which means something like funky camera strap).

Camera straps from the Kekke Camerariem store. ©Kekke Camerariem.
Camera straps from the Kekke Camerariem store. ©Kekke Camerariem.

‘Kekke camerariem’ opened his doors in June 2013, but is quickly becoming popular amongst photographers. In their webshop they offer a wide range of cool camera neck straps with dreamy names like ‘The valley’, ‘Indian summer’ and ‘Amerikano’. At this moment they offer straps made of neoprene or cotton. The neoprene straps are soft and strong across the whole strap, and are therefore a bit more expensive. Although the camera straps are their main products you can also buy beautiful leather wrist bands (for small digital camera’s) and lens pockets.

Other places we found on the internet that offer cool camera straps include: My Funky Camera, Capturing Couturethe Camera Strap Store and IMO strap. However, Bunch of Backpackers preferred ‘Kekke Camerariem’s trendy Indian Summer strap. We used this strap for the DSLR in Peru and were very satisfied with the comfort, the strength and of course the hipness!

Manouk Bob Huacachina

Bunch of Backpackers was in no way connected to this shop nor did it receive a reward at the time of writing this article. *Update Okt 2014 * Bunch of Backpackers organizes a contest with Kekke Camerariem. 

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