BoB in the media

Bunch of Backpackers travel blog in the media 

Offline Dutch and English media

Open Rotterdam 93.3 FM (Radio interview about my personal life, BoB and travels)

Tiger Tales Asia inflight magazine jan/feb 2015 (Publication of Instagram photo of the Bromo vulcano)

Wetboek voor Bloggers by Charlotte’s Law (Feature as an expert in a book on blogging)

Adventour – Backpacker’s Lifestyle Guide Apr/Jun (4 Travel Bloggers You Should Follow to Get Ideas for Your Next Backpacking Adventure)

Blogosphere magazine issue 6 – Re-publication of my Quirky Things To Do in Japan article

De Wit Schijndel (Speaker/backpacking expert at a backpack VIP evening)

Swan Market Rotterdam (Backpacking expert at the travel edition Swan Market)


English media

We Are From Latvia (10 Inspiring Travel Instagram Accounts)

Travel Pulse (Top 15 Travel Bloggers to follow in 2015)

First Site Guide (Best Travel Bloggers)

Heart of A Vagabond (European Travel Bloggers to follow in 2015)

A Passion and a Passport (20 Inspiring Part-Time Travelers)

Nomad Revelations (Top 20 Solo Woman Travel Blogs, out of 2300 travel blogs)

Lash World Tours (Top 100 Solo Woman Travel Blogs, based on statistics)

BoB Around The World (Top 100 Travel Blogs and Top 30 Solo Travel Blogs, out of 2100 travel blogs) &Twenty-Something travel (Mention of my article on ‘Ethical travel‘!)

Backpackers Guide to The Galaxy (Best Travel Blogs to Follow in 2016)

Coupon Machine (Top 100 Travel Writing websites 2016)

Blogtrepreneur (Top 25 Travel Blogs)

Matador Network (16 female Instagrammers who keep it real)

Hello Travel (Top Solo Woman Travel Blogs)

Travel Fashion Girl (Top 50 Female Travel Bloggers of 2016)

Everything, Everywhere (Number 240 Top Travel Bloggers of the World based on Domain Authority and Trust Flow)

Matador Network (Publication of my article: Sudan is a safe and fascination destinations. Here’s why you should check it out)

Joao Leitao (Number 20 of Top 300 Solo Female Travel bloggers worldwide 2019)

Manouk interview Bunch of Backpackers

Dutch media

Beste Bloggers NL (Week 47 until present: Nr. 1 in Category Travel Blogs)

We Are Travellers (Top 20 Dutch Travel Blogs)

Wesley op Reis (Top 25 Best Dutch travel bloggers) (Weinig belangstelling voor backpackers. Terecht?) (Backpacker Nieuws) (De leukste reisblogs van 2018)

Interviews English media

TravelGeek Mag (Podcast Interview)

A Southern Gypsy (Interview)

A Couples Odyssey (Interview)

Don’t Stop Living (Interview)

Bohemian Birds (Interview)

StoryV (Interview)

Manouk wearing Bruut van Bot scarf pashmina

Interviews Dutch media (Interview about backpacking in Dutch)

Wereldwijzer (Interview about my overland trip from Moscow to Bangkok in Dutch) (Interview about my China trip in Dutch)

Expedia – (Interview about my travels & travel blogging in Dutch) (Interview about my blog and travel tips in Dutch) (Interview about my travels & travel blogging in Dutch)

Care (Interview about first-aid kits)


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