You may have come across it in hostels during your travels or on the web: Backpacker Bingo. Well, Bunch of Backpackers presents a fun bingo backpacker game which will keep you busy during your entire trip!  

Backpacker Bingo rules

The rules of Backpacker Bingo are very simple:

  • Mark the bingo card when you spot something or someone from your bingo card on your travels
  • Each box represents a letter of the word BINGO
  • The first one who can spell BINGO with his marks wins –> shout BINGOOOOO!
  • After that you can go on for a full card
  • The Bunch of Backpackers logo is a freebie on the house

Backpacker Bingo tips

Tips to play Backpackers Bingo:

  • Print out the Bunch of Backpackers Bingo card a few times before your trip to pass out to your mates
  • Discuss prizes beforehand (e.g. a prize for the first who spells bingo and a big prize for the first who has a full card).
  • Always take the card with you
  • If you travel together, I’d suggest that the first who spots something gets the mark
Backpacker Bingo
Funny backpacker bingo. Print and play! ©Bunch of Backpackers.

Also check out our Bunch of Backpackers Glossary!

Please let us know if you managed to get a full card! 

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