From snow-capped peaks towering high above ancient watch towers to vineyards, canyons and vibrant cities. Georgia, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, has something to offer for everyone! During my recent Georgia backpacking trip, I kept track of all expenses and Georgia turned out to be a very affordable backpacking destination! So, how much does it cost to backpack Georgia? Find out below!

This article is part of the Money Matters series in which travelers keep their travel costs and expenses for Bunch of Backpackers. Real travelers, real expenses.  

How much does it cost to backpack Georgia? 

Total costs 14-day Georgia backpacking trip: 378,00 euro (440 USD)
Daily travel expenses Georgia*: 27,00 euro (31,52 USD)

*These daily travel expenses are per one person per day. Including all tours, souvenirs, lodging, food, drinks, transportation, entrance fees, tips etc. Excluding international flights.

Costs of backpacking in Georgia7
Ushguli, Georgia. The highest permanently inhabited village in Europe. Copyright Bunch of Backpackers.

These prices are per person unless stated otherwise.

Standard Georgia expenses
  • One night in a hostel dormitory: 7,7 euro (9,00 USD)
  • A double room in a guesthouse: 10,30 euro (12 USD)
  • A short 10-minute taxi ride: 1,75 euro (2,03 USD)
  • A bottle of water (0,5L) at the store: 0,35 euro (0,40 USD)
  • Lunch in a restaurant: 4,20 euro (4,90 USD) 
  • Dinner at a local restaurant: 5,7 euro (6,6 USD)
Notable Georgia expenses 
  • Hostel airport pick-up in Kutaisi: 12,20 euro (14,30 USD)
  • Sim card including 4 GB and calls: 6,30 euro (7,33 USD) 
  • Marshrutka Kutaisi-Mestia: 8,74 euro (10,18 USD)
  • Ski lift day pass Mestia: 3,5 euro (4 USD)
  • Private taxi Mestia to Mazeri: 12,3 euro (14,3 USD)
  • Shared private taxi Mestia-Zugdidi (per person): 7 euro (8 USD)
  • Night train second class Zugdidi-Tbilisi: 5,95 euro (6,9 USD)
  • Entrance National Museum of Georgia: 2,45 euro (2,85 USD)
  • Metro ride Tbilisi: 0,17 euro (0,20 USD)
  • Taxi ride within Tbilisi: 1,75-3,5 euro (2-7 USD)
  • Davit Gareja day tour: 8,75 euro (10,20 USD)
  • Marshrutka with stops along the Georgian Military Highway from Tbilisi to Kazbegi: 5,3 euro (6,11 USD)
  • Camping Kazbegi: 3,5 euro (4 USD)
  • Marshrutka Sighnagi: 2,1 euro (2,45 USD)
  • Small bottle of wine: 1,4 euro (1,6 USD)
Costs of backpacking in Georgia4
Tbilisi, Georgia’s vibrant capital. Copyright Bunch of Backpackers.

About the backpacker: Manouk, the Netherlands, 32 years
Destination and travel period: Georgia in June 2018 for 14 days
Visited places: Kutaisi, Mestia (Svaneti region), Tbilisi, Kazbegi, Davit Gareja, Sighnagi
Type of trip: Solo, independently
Accommodation*: budget (mainly camping, hostels and guesthouses)
Transportation*: budget (cheapest available mode of transportation) 
Food*: budget (local restaurants)
Currency rate July 2018: 1 euro = 2,85 Georgian Lari

*4 options: basic, budget, standard and luxury

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Costs of backpacking in Georgia5
Colorful rocks around Davit Gareja in Georgia. Copyright Bunch of Backpackers.
  • Bring a tent. Especially the Caucasus offers some excellent camping!
  • If you have one, bring your student card!
  • Preferably arrange your hotel room on the spot. Prices are often negotiable!
  • Team up! It can be necessary to hire a private car to get to certain places. Obviously, it’s better to share these costs!
  • These are some top things to do in Tbilisi!

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  1. As a backpacker i always appreciate such blog. This blog really inspired me deeply and i would love to visit Georgia. I have heard a lot about the place and seriously this is on the top of my travel bucket list.


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