How to use hostelworld? 

This is a step 3 of our series that helps you to choose the perfect hostel! In this article we will explain a bit more about Hostelworld and how this website can help you to select a great hostel.

Haven’t read step 1 and 2 yet? Find them here:

Step 1: Consider what you find important in a hostel (luxurious, sociable, location?)
Step 2: Listen to your travel friends. They often have the best advices!
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A step-by-step guide on using Hostelworld

By following this simple step-by-step guide, you will easily find the perfect hostel. You only have to follow this guide once. After, that you will understand the basics and will be able to select cool hostels without any help :)

Step 1: Enter country, place and dates of your destination

Step 2: List the hostels by rating

Step 3: Start with the hostels with the highest ratings (above 80%)

Step 4: Check the number of people that have rated these hostels (… total reviews). This says something about the popularity.

  • There are often a few hostels who have considerable more review than the others. Those are often the ones where you have the best chance to make new friends and to have a bit of a party
  • Hostels with a few reviews may be new at hostelworld or there is another reason. Check out the reviews, the map and the price to see what that reason can be and why they have few reviews and a high ranking (beware of fake reviews)

Step 5: Check out some of the most recent reviews and check by who those reviews are written (age/sex/country)

Step 6: Check out the separate ratings of different categories such as cleanliness, staff, atmosphere, location etc.

Step 7: Check the following stuff: curfew, 24 hour reception, breakfast included, additional charges etc.

Step 8: Check if your personal preferences stroke with the facilities, location and prices of the hostel

You’re very close to finding the perfect hostel! Continue to step 4-5

Step 4: Check out the website of the hostel as a final check
Step 5: Book your perfect hostel!
–>Read more about step 4-5 here! 

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