I met Anders in the winter of 2013 during our visit to Christiania Freetown while he was standing around one of the ‘campfires’ and was smoking a joint. Below you can find a short Christiania interview with Anders and information about your visit to Christiania.

This article is part of the BoB report series in which we conduct interviews and report about cultural events and local experiences.

Christiania interview with Anders

Hi there, do you mind if I take your photo?

With or without the joint?

Whatever you want.

Without. But you know that it’s actually not allowed to take photo’s in Christiania right? People can get very angry, so be careful.

I will! So, how long have you been living in Christiania?

I’ve been living here much of my life. Accept for the period from 1981 to 1986 when I got a divorce and was forced to move somewhere else. But, I missed the place and so I returned in 1986 and was invited to live at the house of my old neighbours.

What is so special about Christiania?

Look around! We’re free to do whatever we want. It is the best place!

Do you also work here?

No, like many Christiania residents I work ‘outside’.

So what do you do?

I’m a ‘freelancer’ (this was not further specified).

Christiania is famous for its drugs policy. Is it still easy to get it here?

Yeah, of course! You buy some at that guy there, and there is another place just around the corner. And of course, there is also ‘Pusher Street’.

Thanks for this short interview Anders!

Thank you for the photo! On the web I’m called Shagemie by the way! The polaroid photo of Anders was taken for ‘Travel by Polaroid’.


Freetown Christiania (Fristaden) is a self-governing neighbourhood in Central Copenhagen established in the early seventies. Christiania houses about 850 residents (including 200 children) and they have set their own unique rules and laws. It is a place for anarchists, creative minds, hippies, alternatives, artists etc. Walking around you see amazing paintings and sculptures, rough looking tattooed guys drinking beers around fire places and graffiti covered, run down buildings. It feels like walking in an artist ghetto. Christiania is unlike any other place we visited. It is unique and beautifully odd. Visiting Christiania is highly recommended.

How to get there?

Option 1: Take the metro to Christianhavn station, from there it is a five minute walk. Option 2: Take bus 9A (leaves from Vesterport and Central Station) which stops in front of the Christiania entrance.

What to do?

Join the daily walking tour starting at the entrance gate at 3pm – Go shopping at the bazar or the independent shops (you can buy pretty much everything from bongs to art and of course weed) – Visit the art galleries and craft shops – Have a vegetarian lunch or visit one of the lively BBQ places – Talk to the Christiania residents and find out about their unique lifestyle

Additional notes

Do not take photo’s around Pusher street – Keep in mind that it is a residential area and not a tourist attraction


  1. Great idea for the post! While living in Denmark I loved visiting Christiania even though I’m not a smoker. It is so different and something you definitely don’t expect to find in the middle of the city like Copenhagen. Thank you for reminding me of that lovely place!


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