Today July 17th 2014 was launched. This is an online market for independent and interactive guidebooks. These guidebooks are written by travel journalists & travel bloggers. Travelers can choose their own favorite guidebook with a route & travel itinerary that fits them best. Are you a backpacker? Choose a guide made by a fellow backpacker! Are you looking for shopping experience in Barcelona? Favoroute will have a guide that matches these wishes! You can easily take the guide with you on the online app or you can print it out.


Founder Frederieke Wolter came up with Favoroute, when she experienced how difficult it was to plan a trip online. There was a lot of information on blogs and websites, but it was difficult to collect this all in one bucket and keep overview. Favoroute started small, but now works with a team of seven people. At the moment the Favoroute network consists of 50 professional travel bloggers and travel journalists who have so far created the first 80 travel guidebooks.

Bunch of Backpackers is one of the travel bloggers that is part of this exciting new initiative and will publish her first guidebook this summer! The guides will be perfect for those who love to travel independent and their own way, but could use a bit of an idea of a route and tips for on the road. Keep an eye on the website of and Bunch of Backpackers.

Last, but not least we wish to congratulate the team of with todays launch :)!



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