During my recent trip to the Grandy Duchy of Luxembourg I only had one day in Luxembourg City. Fortunately, it turned out to be a relatively small city, with only a few major sights. This meant a relaxed, easy-going day, which I could use after being fairly busy at work. This is an example itinerary and basically an overview of how I spent my one day in Luxembourg City.


Breakfast at the hotel / hostel


Most sights are still closed, but fortunately Le Chemin de La Corniche and the Place de La Constitution are always open for visitors. Both offer excellent views on the valley below and are perfect for some morning photography fun. Le Chemin de La Corniche is also called Europe’s Most Beautiful Balcony.

Chermin de la Cheviche. ©Bunch of Backpackers.
La Chemin de la Corniche. ©Bunch of Backpackers.


From Place de La Constition continue to the nearby Bibliotheque Nationale and the impressive Cathedrale Notre-Dame (open from 10AM). After that, walk to the city’s main square: Place Guillaume II to visit the Tourism Office and pick up the following: the excellent free panorama city map, the Wenzel circular walk map and a cycle map. I can also recommend buying the Visit Luxembourg card which gives free entrance (or discount) to for example the Casemates and unlimited free public transportation.


Have a cup of chocolate at the nearby famous Chocolate House (20 r. du Marché-aux-Herbes). The Chocolate House offers a selection of more than 30 different types of homemade hot chocolate and is located right across the street from the Royal Palace.

House of Chocolate. ©Bunch of Backpackers
House of Chocolate. ©Bunch of Backpackers


Start of the Wenzel trail. This walk can be done guided or on your own (I did it on my own) and leads you past nature and the Old Town of Luxembourg City. The trail shows you highlights, such as Bock du Casemates, Chemin de la Corniche and the Grund, but also a few lesser known spots. I really enjoyed visiting the Casemates.

The Casemates, a UNESCO World Heritage site, are basically tunnels forming a strong defensive network together with forts, rings and other buildings. The tunnels housed workshops, shops, bakeries etc. and of gave shelter to the soldiers during wars. These days, 17 km of the tunnels remained. Don’t follow the Wenzel trail signs in Casemates du Bock, because these signs will take you straight to the exit. Instead take your time to explore the mysterious dark Casemates and prepare yourself for loads of dead ends! The Wenzel walks ends at the Grund, one of my favorite area’s. The Grund has beautiful picturesque stone cottages, a small church, peaceful little rivers and loads of green.


Lunch at one of the Grund’s cool restaurants and cafe’s. I’d highly recommend the food and the garden of Bosso (Rue Münster).


Take the elevator (across the street of Freddy’s pub and next to a cafe) back to the city centre/La Haute Ville. After exiting the elevator turn right and you’ll see a Veloh bike stand. Rent a bike (take the 7-day card, also if you only use the bike for an hour and pay by creditcard). Go down with the elevator again and cycle the Petrusse valley. When I was there, lots of construction work was going on and many cycle paths were closed. Therefore, instead of following a cycle route, you could also just cyle around!

Casemates du Bock. ©Bunch of Backpackers.
Casemates du Bock. ©Bunch of Backpackers.


Back to the hotel/hostel


There are plenty of dinner options at both the City Centre and the Grund area. I heard good stories about the Am Tiirmschen restaurant (32 rue de l’eau), but didn’t have a chance to try it.


Time for after-dinner drinks. Both at the Grund area and around the Palace there are plenty of cool options ranging from pubs to dressed-up cocktail places or funky alternative bars.


Clausen, an old industrial area is probably the most well-known clubbing area and the place to be for DJ’s and live music!

Luxembourg City by night. ©Bunch of Backpackers.
Luxembourg City by night. ©Bunch of Backpackers.

More time? Visit one of the museums or markets!

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  1. Honestly I know Luxembourg from the place where you have to fill up your tank when we went on holiday to France. We always made a stop there, but not for 24 hours. Seems like a good idea to do so. And for chocolate I would definatley stop ;)

  2. Hi, Manouk. You really spent the perfect day in our city!!! As tourists in our home country we did an almost equal trip in July and wrote a blogpost about it (24 hours in…). From the Casemates, over the Chocolate House to the Bosso :) Greetings from Luxembourg Tascha & Patrick. Do more of what makes you happy!

  3. Hi Manouk,

    Thanks so much for this post – I am planning visit here for just 2 short days, so I am glad it seems you can fit a lot in.

    Safe travels


  4. Thank you Manouk for the handy , factual and useful tips. I followed all of them guiding my family and we had an amazing time.
    What a beautiful country Luxembourg is.!
    The Wenzel walks were my favourite and of course The casemates du Bock even though the weather was a bit cold.
    We stayed at Novotel hotel , excellent location and spotless clean.
    Loved everything about Luxembourg!


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