Venturing into the Pamirs of Tajikistan, also called the ‘Roof of the World’, means venturing into a landscape of ancient fortresses, natural springs, glaciers and breathtaking lakes. It’s one of highest mountain ranges in the world, with several 7000+ meter peaks and the home of snow leopards and the Siberian ibex.

The best way to explore the Pamir Tajikistan region is by 4×4 jeep, which you will need on the rough, and sometimes heavily damaged roads. In the summer of 2016, I backpacked in this region, staying in homestays along the way. Here I had the chance to meet Pamiri people, mostly Ismaili Muslims, but also “Kyrgyz’ and ‘Afghan’ people, and to learn about their history and lives. These are some of my favorite portraits of the Pamirs, all taken in the Pamir region of Tajikistan.

Portrait photos of the Pamirs of Tajikistan

IMG_1190b Tadjikistan Bunch of Backpackers
A man in front of the 12th-century Yamchum Fort, now being used as a Tajik military post with the Afghan mountains in the backdrop. Pamirs of Tajikistan © Bunch of Backpackers
IMG_0943b Tadjikistan Bunch of Backpackers
A woman selling herbs at the Afghan cross-border market in Khorog. During this market Afghans are allowed to come over to Tajikistan for one day in a designated and closed area to sell their goods. It is a way to meet people from Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The other cross border market in Ishkashim was unfortunately closed due to Taliban threats. Pamirs of Tajikistan © Bunch of Backpackers
IMG_0895b Tadjikistan Bunch of Backpackers
Men at the Afghan cross border market in Khorog. © Bunch of Backpackers
IMG_0800b Tadjikistan Bunch of Backpackers
‘Can you take a picture of us’? – Girls in Khorog, Tajikistan. © Bunch of Backpackers
IMG_0694b Tadjikistan Bunch of Backpackers
My homestay with Gulsha in Jizeu in Bartang Valley. All food was cooked outside. The only way to get to this homestay in Bartang valley is via a 2,5-hour walk up a steep valley! There are no roads leading there, just a narrow walking path. This area is also terrorized by heavy landslides, so the walking path often changes. I’d say it absolutely worth visiting this place and stay overnight. © Bunch of Backpackers
IMG_1803b Tadjikistan Bunch of Backpackers
Kids riding a yak near the remote and sleepy town of Alichur at 3991 meters.
IMG_1796b Tadjikistan Bunch of Backpackers
Playing in the colorful blankets!
IMG_1748b Tadjikistan Bunch of Backpackers
Grandpa and son in front of their temporarily home. Pamirs of Tajikistan
IMG_1691b Tadjikistan Bunch of Backpackers
Brothers. Pamirs of Tajikistan
IMG_1605b Tadjikistan Bunch of Backpackers
Grandma in her home in the small town of Bulunkul, reportedly the coldest place in Tajikstan. In winters it can get minus 40 degrees!
IMG_1578b Tadjikistan Bunch of Backpackers
Girl in Bulunkul. Pamirs of Tajikistan

Is it ethical to publish photos of other people without permission? Find out here! 

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  1. When I see The Pamirs People that put on the articles, I think they are so simple and not so much pompous in their life. They always live in the midst of nature. However, How much money need to travel Pamirs from NEW York?


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