About the Pacsafe 5L portable safe:

The travel scene has changed. In this internet-dominated era people travel around with smartphones, laptops, e-readers and tablets. Often these items are worth hundreds of dollars. So, what to do with all these valuables when you’re going out clubbing/drinking? Or when you’re out in the water diving or surfing and want to leave your stuff behind on the beach? The Pacsafe portable safe seems to be the answer and I tested this travel safe during my backpacking trip in Sri Lanka.

The Pacsafe 5L portable safe is basically a strong slash proof bag, which can be locked and afterwards attached to a strong fixture (such as a pipe in the bathroom, a wooden pole etc.). You can use the safe for securing electronics, cash and (if needed) passport.

Disclosure: I’m not affiliated with Pacsafe and I bought the Pacsafe 5L safe myself. 

Specifications Pacsafe 5L portable travel safe

Size of travel safe: 41.5 x 26.5 x 1.3
Weight of the travel safe: 460 g
Volume of the travel safe: 5L
Features: TSA 3-dial combination lock, stainless steel wire mesh
Costs: approximately 80 USD

Pacsafe 5L Safe DSLR Go PRO
Pacsafe 5L Safe fitting my DSLR and GoPro.
What I love:
  • The Pacsafe 5L model fits my GoPro Hero4, my Canon 550D DSLR with 18-55mm lens, my Iphone, some memory cards and a small wallet.
  • When not used, it’s flat and you can conveniently fit the travel safe in your backpack. It doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Perfect for backpacking trips:
    • Use it while you’re asleep during overnight train rides (attach it to the bed)
    • Use it in hostels
    • Use it when you’re out in the water swimming, surfing or diving
  • Easy to use!
  • The theft-proof design. Due to the slash proof mesh and the 360 degrees closure it’s almost impossible to get in the safe.
  • It’s water resistant
 If I was the boss of Pacsafe, I would improve:
  • The length of the cable. It was sometimes too short to wrap around a wooden pole or tree.
Instead of the Pacsafe 5L safe, you could also buy …
  • I haven’t come across similar products
Pacsafe attached to a pole in our room.
Pacsafe attached to a pole in our room.
Bunch of Backpackers final verdict:

Thanks to the Pacsafe I feel much more comfortable leaving my valuables and cash behind on the beach or in a hostel or hotel room. Although I know a travel safe won’t completely avoid theft, it will at least make it a bit harder. Most thieves are ‘opportunistic’ and won’t have or won’t have the time to get out professional equipment. The Pacsafe took up surprisingly little space in my backpack (it’s really flat) and has quickly become an unmissable item for my travels.

What do you think about the Pacsafe 5L safe?

Do you have any additional tips to keep your valuables safe during your travels?

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  1. Wat een fijne review! Ik was hier al op aan het wachten. Paste een spiegelreflex met wat extra spulletjes (zoals paspoort, telefoon, portemonnee) er makkelijk in? Ik twijfel nog tussen de 5 of 12 liter, aangezien we met z’n tweeën zijn.

    • Hi Dimphy, mijn spiegelreflex camera past er qua formaat net in. Er is dan nog wel ruimte voor enkele zaken zoals 2 paspoorten, telefoon en twee kleine portemonnees bovenop de camera. Ik zou gewoon een 5L bestellen en hem thuis uitproberen. Mocht je hem alsnog te krap vinden, dan kan je altijd nog een 12L kopen :)! Ben benieuwd wat je er van vindt!

  2. Wat handig! Ik kende dit principe nog helemaal niet. Voel me altijd een beetje ongemakkelijk als ik met al mijn dure spullen reis en bijvoorbeeld wil zwemmen of geen zin heb om met m’n camera rond te sjouwen. Ga hem zeker overwegen, goede tip! :)

  3. I am a big fan of Pacsafe products in general. I also have a 5L safe. Keep in mind that smaller items can be worked through the mesh (if the material is cut) so it is best to pack things like credit cards and cash in a solid container within the safe.

    These safes are far better than leaving your belongings in hotel safes. In past I have seen a hotel staff enter my room with a key and open the safe (when repairing the safe).

    I see that you also review backpacks, I am sure that you already know that Pacsafe also makes a line of backpacks that are made with anti-slash materials (like the safe) and they use puncture resistant zippers to deter thieves. Definitely worth a look!


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