About the Suit Suit Fabulous Fifties Trolley

The ‘Suit Suit Fabulous Fifties trolley’ is a mint green weekend suitcase from the ‘Fabulous Fifties’ line. The trolley has a cool fifties look with silver ‘Suit Suit’ letters on the front. I used my trolley on recent trips to Paris, Athens and Sicily.

Size: 52x34x20cm
Weight: 2,5 kg
Packing capacity: 35 Ltr
Price: 119 euro’s

Review Suit Suit Fabulous Fifty suitcase
What I love:
  • The beautiful mint color and cool fifties look.
  • Relatively light (only 2,5 kg’s)
  • Cabin proof for every airline
  • A sturdy and reliable combination TSA lock
  • Internal strong pockets
  • The handle on the top of the suitcase is pretty strong
  • Spacious! I took it one a five-day trip and I still had plenty of space left.

My Suit Suit on a weekend trip!

If I was the boss of Suit Suit I would improve:
  • The telescope handle. It feels quite vulnerable and unstable.
  • The durability. Unfortunately, at one flight there was no cabin space, so my beautiful trolley was taken to the plane’s luggage compartment. After that it was all scuffed. Maybe it’s possible to improve the ‘scratch resistance’?
Instead of the Suit Suit Fabulous Fifties Trolley you could also buy …
  • For example: the Samsonite Engenero
  • However, when it comes to looks I haven’t found any suitcase, as beautiful as this one
Bunch of Backpackers final verdict

It’s the perfect city trip trolley for girls (and also makes a great present by the ways, boys ;). It’s spacious, has a reliable lock and spoken from experience it’s a real ‘OMG, where did you get this?’ kind of trolley.

Want your own?

Find the SuitSuit website here.

Suit Suit 20 Fabulous Fifties Weekender
Left: A polaroid of me at the airport in Sicily. Right: My trolley in front of my Athens hotel room.

Bunch of Backpackers received a small media discount. However, with or without discount… I would have bought the Suit Suit Fabulous Fifty Trolley anyway. I was not asked to write this article. Views and opinions expressed in this article are, of course, my own. 

 What do you think of the Suit Suit Fabulous Fifties Trolley?

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