Saturday, I will fly to Sri Lanka for a short backpacking trip in the central and southern region. My last backpacking trip was more than 1,5 years ago, so it has been a while. Fortunately for me (and as you all know), backpacking is like riding a bike. I don’t expect my ‘backpackers ways’ will have changed.

What did change however, are the contents of my backpack! The last few years I read loads of travel-related articles on the web and these articles often activated the ‘desire / I want’ section in my brain. Since the connection from the ‘desire / I want’ section to the ‘action / I buy’ section is always fast and reliable, it’s therefore no surprise, the past months a few new things have been added to my Sri Lanka packing list. The ones below are my favorites!

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1. Herschel Retreat backpack Chambray Crosshatch/White Rubber

Even though I loved my old Herschel backpack, it just didn’t look that good any more. It was frayed, ripped and dirty. I decided it was time for my old bag to retire and I exchanged it for a young, shiny and fresh new version: the Herschel Retreat backpack Chambray Crosshatch/White Rubber!

2. Norwegian wood by Haruki Murakami

Not so much travel-related, but what a writer! I loved ‘Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World’ and I can’t wait to finally read ‘Norwegian Wood’, one of Murakami’s most famous novels.

3. Sunnies

I managed to find a pair of Zara sunglasses which fit my incredibly flat nose!

Favorites Sri Lanka Herschel Chambray Backpack Kekke Camerariem Murakami Go Pro

4. GoPro Hero Silver 4

I seldom take selfies, I don’t do any active sports (such as surfing or mountainbiking) and I already have a DSLR with a pretty good camera function. I seriously started to wonder whether it was a waste of money. However, since everyone is raving about it, I expect I just haven’t discovered its potential yet. In Sri Lanka I hope to explore the possibilities of this little piece of equipment.

5. Pacsafe Portable 5L safe

This portable safe appears to be the perfect solution to keep both the GoPro and DSLR safe in my room. The portable safe is slash proof en can be fully locked. After you locked the safe, you can attach it to a strong fixture in the hotel room (such as a pipe in the bathroom). I’ll write more about my experience with the safe after Sri Lanka.

6. Sony Hi-Res Walkman and Headphones

I love listening to music during my travels. Besides reading, it’s actually one of the things I always look forward to. This beautiful-looking brand new Sony Hi-Res walkman will be my friend this trip during long flights and bus rides! The walkman and headphones have so-called high-resolution audio and even though I don’t have a ‘musical ear’ I definitely hear the improvement in sound compared to my old MP3 player. The music is much cleaner, fresher and more detailed. And I look so hipster with the headphones! Love it!

Favorites Sri Lanka GoPro Sony High Res Pacsafe Weird

Disclosure: The Hi-Res NWZ-A15 walkman and the MDR-A1 headphones were sent to me by Sony. I received the Herschel backpack by the Dutch webshop As always, expressed thoughts and opinions are my own. 

What would be your favorite item?

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    • A day pack with side pockets and a breathable back! Still haven’t found the perfect one for long-term backpacking though. Will keep you posted if I do :)

  1. Hello! I was wondering how you are liking your chambray herschel backpack! I am thinking of getting that exact one but I’m worried about size and if it is easily dirtied because of the light color. Would you recommend?


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