A riverside hotel amidst lush greenery, excellent bicycle paths, small Thai villages and great bird watching spots. We never expected to find such a hotel in smoggy smelly Bangkok until we discovered the Bangkok Tree House Hotel: an eco-friendly, artistic boutique hotel located at Bang Krachao peninsula in the mighty Chao Praya River. The peninsula is situated in the ‘Green lung of Bangkok’ and only a 5-minute ferry hop away from Bangkok’s business district and the BTS Banga Skytrain Station.

A warm welcome at the Bangkok Tree House Hotel

After the river cross by a small wooden boat we were greeted by the hotel manager Mr. Hemwun who kindly offered us a welcome tea in their charming riverside cafe. The cafe had both an open air lounge with low tables and bean bags and a dining area with a ceiling covered with locally sourced bamboo. In the evening some Bangkokians als make the river cross to relax at the inviting cafe. After the refreshing tea Mr. Hemwun showed us to our ‘nests’, first leading us on the hotels’ high wooden paths past the hotel kitchen (with a communal fridge filled with free homemade icecream!) and a small library.

The hotel ‘nests’ have wooden details on the outer wall giving them their beautiful natural look. Mr. Hemwun explained that for every new guest, trash is removed from the Chao Praya river. Some of this trash is then used for the outer walls of the bungalows. Also, the hotel is carbon-neutral, has energy efficiënt lighting, fresh organic slow-cooked food and herbal products.

Bangkok, Thailand
My room at the eco-friendly Bangkok Tree House hotel in Thailand. Bunch of backpackers.

The ‘cozy nests’ of the eco-friendly hotel

The first thing we noticed when entering our bungalow were the big iron ant artworks on the walls. They look quite real, so at night -when you’re half asleep- try to remember that they are fake. At the ground level a large bathroom was located with a broad basin, an open-air rain shower and a toilet with a see-through floor. Continuiing on the playful stairs we reached the bedroom, which was separated from the stairs by a glass door with the words ‘Every wall is a door’. In the bedroom there was a comfortable low double bed, a desk with a computer with internet and airconditioning. Connected to the bedroom was a balcony from which a ladder led us to the rooftop terrace with sunbeds and amazing views of the surroundings.

on foot (there is a map in the hotel), do a cooking class, make daytrips to the Bangkok sights or enjoy an evening firefly tour

My gorgeous bathroom of the eco-friendly Bangkok Tree House hotel on Bang Krachao Island. Copyright Bunch of Backpackers.
The eco-friendly Bangkok Tree House hotel
The eco-friendly Bangkok Tree House hotel on Bang Krachao Island. Copyright Bunch of Backpackers.

Bang Krachao

A bit more on the surroundings. The hotel is located on the Bang Krachao peninsula. Bang Krachao -partly governement owned and protected and partly private owned- is a unique, undiscovered green gem in Bangkok. A few thousand people live on the island and they are spread out over six local communities. On the island a dozen small temples can be found, as well as the Bang Namphueng Floating Market (weekends only).

The last few years cycling has become quite popular amongst the middle- and upper class Bangkokians and slowly Bang Krachao is becoming known for its excellent cycling possibilities. Besides cycling tours you can also easily explore the surroundings on foot (there is a map in the hotel), do a cooking class, make daytrips to the Bangkok sights or enjoy an evening firefly tour

The eco-friendly Bangkok Tree House hotel on Bang Krachao Island. Copyright Bunch of Backpackers.

What we loved about this eco-friendly Bangkok hotel

– the natural river breeze (there is only airconditioning in the bedrooms)
– friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable staff
– clean, modern and beautifully decorated rooms with an eye for detail
– the eco-friendly and personal character
– the peaceful setting
– the 24/7 free homemade icecream (!)

Points of improvement
– the hotel docks were comprised of separate wooden rafts that were quite unstable and therefore at the moment not suitable for the elderly (however, this will probably be improved in the future).
– better light in the bathroom
– information in the rooms/reception on the different activity possibilities (e.g. maybe the hotel can suggest some walking routes).

Note that while we were there, parts of the hotel was still under construction including a much promising natural pool free of chlorine and other chemicals.

Earth without Art is just Eh painting in the hotel

In the end…

The hotel is obviously meant for those that are looking for a quiet, slow-paced getaway, and is less suitable for people that have a busy Bangkok sightseeing schedule or would like to enjoy the Bangkok nightlife. However, if you are a lover of nature and are looking for a unique, quiet and eco-friendly stay in a beautiful green oasis in Bangkok we would highly recommend the Bangkok Tree House Hotel. Near the communal fridge is a giant wall painting with ‘Earth without art is just eh’ capturing the essence of the hotel: great architectural design + love for mother earth.

The Bangkok Tree House

Website: www.bangkoktreehouse.com
Phone: +66 82 995-1150 (Hotel & Restaurant bookings)
Email: stay@bangkoktreehouse.com

Bunch of Backpackers’ stay at the Tree House Hotel Bangkok was part of a Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) sponsored trip: The Thailand ‘Muay Thai’ Academy trip. Even though I was asked to write articles about this trip, all opinions and views expressed in this review article are my own.

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  1. Looks like a pretty cool spot. I think I would be spending a lot of time on the the rooftop getting some reading done. Really awesome that it’s eco-friendly and has homemade ice cream. : )

  2. What a lovely spot Manouk! I also write about eco friendly travel and this spot looks like a great one to put on my list. Thanks for the extensive information about a tree house I would love to visit!

  3. What a gorgeous looking hotel. I think the interesting part of this which is most attractive is just how unique this is. It’s away from the norm which is going to attract new folks to try out staying there. Plus you have included some great pictures that show excellent views of the city.

  4. What an amazing place and a great article. Must admit any place with free ice cream would suck me in… and those crazy ants, loved em!

    • Hi Ashley and Bob, rates are from 125 USD per room per night.http://www.bangkoktreehouse.com/how-much.html Fair price I suppose. However, if your wallet won’t allow you to sleep there I’d recommend to visit the island anyway! It’s fun day trip IN Bangkok :)! I’ll soon post more on the Kra Chao island and its activities and keep you guys posted!

  5. Hi Bob, this is a great post about Tree house hotel. I am quite curious with the Ants, is that real or it is just a design? The ambiance of the hotel is awesome. Soon, Bangkok will be my next destination.


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