Tatra mountains in Poland – “I had no idea that Poland looked like this!”, quite a few people responded to my photos of the Tatra mountains. And to be honest, for a long time I also knew little of Poland and it wasn’t really on my travel radar. However, a few years ago a friend told me about this great trip she took to Poland hiking some spectacular mountains. Ever since then I’ve been longing to visit. I realized Poland is a mecca for adventurous, independent travelers. You can explore the mountains in the south, the lakes in the east, and the Baltic Sea beaches in the west. Or travel back in history with Soviet buildings, World War II remnants, and medieval castles.

Unfortunately, my time in Poland was limited and I only had the chance to explore the Tatra National park and Krakow. As you can already guess: I loved it and it was the perfect ‘mountain city trip’. So, in case you need any more convincing, here are nine reasons why you should check out the Polish Tatras!

1. It’s as beautiful as the Alps, but much more affordable

The Polish Tatras are often referred to as a miniature Alps since the landscape is quite similar. However, in contrast to a trip to the Alps, a trip to the Tatra mountains won’t break the bank. A comfortable private room in a mountain hut or hostel is about 25 euro per person and lunch or breakfast costs only about 5-6 euro! This means more money for more pierogi!

Kasprowy Wierch Tatra Poland cable
On top of Kasprowy Wierch at 1987 meters.

2. It’s easily accessible and only a 2-hour drive from Krakow

The Tatra mountains are only a 2-hour drive away from Krakow. So, you could even do a day-trip! They are also building a new highway at the moment, which should make the drive even faster.

Kasprowy Wierch Tatra Poland
Taken from Kasprowy Wierch at the Tatra National park in Poland

3. It’s easy to hike independently since the trails are well-marked

Although mountain guides can be vital (or obligatory) in some cases, generally it just more fun to figure everything out yourself. In the Tatras it’s quite easy to hike on your own as the paths are very well-marked. If you stay on the paths, it’s pretty much impossible to get lost!

Check out this ultimate guide to hiking the Tatra mountains!

Trails and signpost Tatras
The trails were well-marked. – Hiking the Tatra mountains, Bunch of Backpackers

4. The mountain huts are fantastic: beautiful locations, affordable, and comfortable

Staying in a mountain hut is a great experience when trekking in the Tatra mountains. The rustic, cosy and charming mountain huts offer both shared and private rooms, some with spectacular views. It’s the perfect place to relax and sit back with a beer after a long day of hiking!

Murowaniec mountain hut Tatra
Murowaniec mountain hut in the Tatra mountains of Poland
Enjoy the view on Morskie Oko from the mountain hut cafe.
Enjoy the view on Morskie Oko from the mountain hut cafe.

5. There are many mountain lakes ♥ 

The Tatra National Park has over 30 mountain lakes, which are called staw (Polish: pond). Morskie Oko is het largest lake. If you hike the Five Lakes route you will pass Czarny Staw (Black lake), Zmarly Staw (Little lake), Wielki Staw (Great lake), Przedni Staw Polski (foremost Lake), and Morskie Oko.

Hiking Tatra National Park Zakopane
Morskie Oko lake in Tatra National Park

6. Explore the Tatra’s gateway town Zakopane

Zakopane is a friendly, easy-going town on the foot of the Tatra mountains. You can admire the traditional architecture, shop mountain and ski gear, or take the cable car up to Kasprowy Wierch.

Traditional church in Zakopane, Poland
Traditional wooden church in Zakopane, Poland

7. Enjoy delicious Polish food on the way!

You don’t have to worry about losing calories during your hike, as both Zakopane (the gateway town of the Tatra mountains) and the mountain huts offer delicious food. Try pierogi (dumplings), pancakes, zapiekanka (Polish pizza) and the local Tatrys specialty ‘oscypek‘ (smoked chees from salted sheep milk). Visit the Przymlynie restaurant in Zakopane for traditional Polish food.

Polish food
Polish food with pierogi, grilled cheese and garlic pancakes

8. You can easily combine it with a city trip to Krakow

Don’t forget to spend a few days in Krakow before or after your trekking. The second city of Poland is incredibly picturesque with cobbled alleyways, medieval castles, and colorful houses. Explore different neighborhoods by foot with one of the many free walking routes. Go the cool Rynek underground museum, Schindler’s factory or visit the nearby Wieliczka salt mine or Auschwitz-Birkenau. It’s also a foodies heaven and this year Krakow is European Capital of Gastronomic culture! If you’re looking for a more luxury hotel experience I would recommend the hip Puro hotel with a great spa and super comfy beds!

At Wawel castle in Krakow with flowers and sun!
At Wawel castle in Krakow with flowers and sun!
Colorful streets in Krakow, Poland
Colorful streets in Krakow, Poland

9. And last but not least: It’s just absolutely stunning!

Rainbows and mountain happiness!
Rainbows and mountain happiness!
Hiking the Tatra National Park in May
Hiking the Tatra National Park in May

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For this trip Bunch of Backpackers teamed up with Malopolska Organizacja Turystyczna, UM Kraków & Polish Tourism Organisation. Views and opinions remain my own. 

See you in Poland soon?


  1. Excellent post! I totally love your pictures! I was wondering if the weather in Poland it’s as cold as these pictures, I want to go and visit Poland in January, any advice?

    • Hi Alison,

      If it’s first visit in Tatry please get ready. I don’t know your experience but January is normally very cold in this part of Poland. Some winters temperatures drop to around -25-30. Proper clothing and you will be ok. Hiking only for extreme experience people, otherwise you risking a lot. Zakopane itself as city brake is gorgeous over winter time.

  2. Hi BoB,

    Thank you for nice article about most amazing place in WorldI believe there is much more then 9 reason to love Tatry.
    I don’t know if you did it, but you have to
    Two hikes and then you will fall in love with Tatry.
    Both start from Kasprowy. Take a cable car to top of Kasprowy Wierch (buy ticket online otherwise you will spend hours in queue). Once you on the top take left side of red route to Liliowe, folow it and climb Świnica, drop down to Dolina Pięciu stawów and spend night in PTTK hostel by Staw Przedni(recommended booking in advance at least 2/3 months prior journey), in morning go down through Roztoka Valley. Recommended in summer time.
    Second hike, start point same turning right on red route and go all way to Krzasanica. And down to Dolina Kościeliska. Best in middle of September has to be sunny day. You will discover meaning of Polska Złota Jesień.
    Gorol z Wielkoposki
    Ps. If you liked Tatry try Karkonosze one time, less demanding hikes still rewarding views.

  3. Loved the post! Do you have any knowledge about hiking in Tatra in late march? Is that still very snowy and cold or has spring begun by then?


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