Eliye Springs is an oasis located on the sandy western shores of the Turkana lake in northern Kenya. It lies approximately 40 kilometres east of Lodwar. Eliye springs is named after the local springs that produce fresh drinking water. Visit Eliye Springs with this mini guide! 

How to get to Eliye Springs?

Eliye Springs can best be reached by taxi from Lodwar. It costs approximately Ksh 5000 and it is approximately a 1,5 hour drive. Make sure you will get an experienced and reliable driver. The turn off point for Eliye springs is clearly signposted. The driver will know where to go. Again prepare for a bumpy ride on sandy roads. On the way to Eliye springs you will pass a few small Turkana villages. To our knowledge there are no buses or other means of transportation to Eliye Springs (except helicopter).

Read how to take the bus to Lodwar here! 

Helicopter. This couple only came to 'check out' the resort. ©Bunch of Backpackers.
Helicopter. This couple only came to ‘check out’ the resort. ©Bunch of Backpackers.

Where to stay in Eliye Springs?

In Eliye Springs we stayed at the lovely Eliye Springs resort ran by a Swiss guy who lives in the Pokot district. The resort is beautiful and almost fairy tale like with a white sandy beach, a swimming pool and a volleyball field. The old complex was brought back to life in a sustainable way and uses solar energy. The resort tries to involve the local community.

It has luxurious boma’s (round wooden beach cabines) directly on the beach with yoga facilities. Each boma has their own small garden and terrace. The resort also caters to the semi-budget traveller with simple rooms (were we stayed) and a camping site (suitable for backpackers). To our knowledge there are no other accommodation possibilities in Eliye Springs.

  • Camping: 600 Ksh
  • Hut with shared bathroom: 1800 Ksh
  • Luxury boma: 10.800 Ksh

Keep in mind the telecom network at Eliye Springs for internet and calls is quite bad.

Staying at the Eliye springs resort in Kenya. Copyright Bunch of Backpackers.

Point for improvement in the Eliye Springs Resort

Some critical points: although the cook was good, the menu choice was very limited and it was quite expensive for what you got (this was in 2011). However, I believe they were still renovating which may be an explanation. Also, it was very hot during the day, and unfortunately too hot to lie on the beach. So, do not expect a traditional beach holiday (this depends on the season obviously). Since the resort has a monopoly position on the shores, prices for activities are pretty steep (for example boats to Central Island). Still, Eliye Springs resort was a promising and beautiful place to hang out for a few days. I definitely hope to come back some day!

Eliye Springs Kenya. ©Bunch of Backpackers.

What to do in Eliye Springs?

-Hang out in the resort (reading, play volleyball, sunbathing, yoga)
-Visit one of the nearby Turkana villages
-Visit the springs
-Walk the shore of the Turkana lake
-Visit the small tourist market outside the resort
-Visit Central Island

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Did you visit Eliye Springs? Let us know!

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