Bunch of backpackers searched the internet for cool, original and cheap gifts for travelers. We know how difficult it is to find something unique and therefore we decided to help you a bit. This list will give you inspiration for future holiday gifts, goodbye gifts, for-no-reason gifts and of course birthday gifts. So, take a look at our top 10 and find an awesome gift for your favorite traveler!

Must read for all those who have friends who love to travel and have birthdays ;)

Travel journal

Travelers love to take notes during their trip. We would recommend notebooks that are not too heavy and big, so that you can always bring one with you.

Travel book

A gift that every traveler appreciates: a great book for on the road. Shantaram is a travelers favorite and brings adventure straight to you (even if your friends stays at home). Other great travel reads can be found here!

Mini travel flashlight key cord

Long name for a small gift! This is one of our fav’s! Attach the keycord to something you always have with you (like your wallet) and we promise you: it will come in handy :)! It’s particularly useful in hostel dormitories, because its modest light won’t wake everyone up!

Passport cover

Pimp your passport with a beautiful cover that also provides protection for your most valuable travel item.

Camera strap

A camera is an indispensable item for travelers, but is often attached by an ugly black camera strap. However, a number of stores sale hip and colourful straps to pimp up your camera. So, click on the photo to find a strap that fits your travel friend!

Camerastraps. Copyright KekkeCamerariem.nl

Travel jewelry

Jewelry makes a sweet and easy-to-carry-with-you gift. These are some of our absolute favorites:

DIY world map

Where have you been and where will you go next? Use pins to mark all places.

Travel tags

The nightmare of every traveler: to lose you bag! Make sure you always put on a luggage tag so people are able to find you back! I love the travel tags of O My Bag, my favorite bag brand which also happens to be fairtrade and eco-friendly.

Simple bags

Must have for every traveler! Organize your backpack with a laundry bag, so you can bring it straight to the laundry service once you have arrived to a hostel. Or be a hipster abroad with this cool tote bag (I actually bought this tote bag and absolutely love it)!

Life Straw

Save your friends’ life by giving him this award winning life straw. It promises safe drinking from every water source!

We hope this list offers you some ideas and inspiration for your wanderlusty friends! Bunch of Backpackers is in no way connected to any of these shops and does not receive a reward for promoting their products. We just selected the gifts we really liked!!

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Any other ideas for cool and affordable gifts?


  1. Love this list! I am always picking up travel related jewelry, it makes it easy for Alex to get me a gift too! I also love the passport covers, I think I may need to invest in one now…


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