Got wanderlust again? Bunch of Backpackers presents 10 activities and places for your travels. Are you in doubt what to do and where to go? Check out these tips and plan your next trip!

Join the Terracotta Army

This great army of more than 8,000 soldiers was build by the first emperor of China to protect him after his death. The myth goes that each separate statue is based on a real soldier. Since the first emperor did not want anyone to know about the terracotta army everyone involved was killed. Come and see what the will of one man can do.

Visit the Yali tribes in New Guinea

The Yali tribe can be found in the western part of New Guinea. The Yali men are scarcely taller than 150 cm but were, despite their height, headhunter. For this reason the Yali were feared. The Yali men wear ‘ rattan’ skirts and penis tubes and the Yali women wear skirts made of grass. The Yali tribes dwell 2500 meter below sea level, and can be visited by a beautiful trek in the highlands.

The ultimate daredevil trip: Cairo to Capetown overland

When people talk about backpacking they often talk about Southeast Asia, South America and Australia. Now slide that all aside and enter ‘Cairo to Capetown overland’. You will encounter the greatest physical challenges, face dangerous situations, meet amazing people, and get lost, but most importantly: you will have the adventure of a lifetime! So tired of the standard trips…?

Meroe pyramids Sudan.
Meroe pyramids Sudan. On your way from Cairo to Capetown. Copyright Bunch of Backpackers.

Visit the military tunnels in the White Cliffs of Dover

Did you know that Dover, a small place at the coast of England, has an extensive network of military tunnels that go back to the Napoleonic wars? The tunnels are now open for visitors and even include an underground military hospital. Also, the white cliffs of Dover provide amazing scenery!

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Kitesurfing in Mui Ne

Mui Ne, a small beach town in Vietnam seems to breathe ‘kitesurfing’. The combination of amazing waves, good weather and a relaxed ‘beachtown vibe’ attracts kitesurfers of all levels. Kitesurfing lessons are available throughout the year. And what is better than ending the day with a pint of Saigon Beer in one of their cool bars?

The snowman trek in Bhutan

Bhutan is a small kingdom located between Tibet and India. It offers one of the most spectacular trekkings in the Himalaya, called the Snowman trek. The Snowman trek is 25 day adventure in one of the countries remote valleys. The trek will take you over nine passes over 4500 meters making it of the highest altitude treks. So are you in for a challenge?

Cycle the world’s most dangerous road

During this downhill mountain bike ride on the world’s most dangerous road (also called the death road) in Bolivia you will encounter rocky roads, sharp turns, dangerous corners and extreme heights. Two bikers fall over the edge annually so this is a trip that should not be underestimated!

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Cycling the Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia ©Tapashia.

Learn Kung fu in Shaolin

Tired of soccer and tennis and inspired by Jackie Chan and Jet li? At 5 a.m. you will start your training in the Shaolin temple. With the most intense concentration you will practice under the watchful eye of the Shaolin monks. The stay in Shaolin will change your life. Are you ready to become the next kung fu master?

Visit a Maid Café in Tokyo

If you are looking for a bizarre experience, then come visit a maid café in Tokyo. These maid cafés are based on the concept of moe, which translates as love for animé. In the café you will be served by young, attractive Japanese girls in French servant outfits. At the entrance you are greeted with ‘Welcome home master’. Welcome in the surreal world of a Maid Café. Find more freaky, geeky Japan in this article with 11 quirky things to do in Japan for travelers! 

Spend a day at the Tobago Easter Tuesday races

A most original way to spend your easter is at the races in Buccoo village in Tobago. These races, which are usually held with goats date 75 years back! It is chaotic, exciting and authentic Tobago

Hopefully, this post provided you some travel inspiration. There is still so much to see and do in the world! On the other hand, I can’t complain! Find out where I’ve already been here. 

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  1. Thanks Bob! You’ve really inspired me! What’s your opinion about Surinam, South America? Would this beautiful, tropical country manage to enter your list if you’d set up a ‘top 11 things to do in 2014’ post?

    • Hi Jempi and Nina! Thanks! All these travel inspiration lists make the ‘to-do-list’ longer and longer… :)! Cheers!


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