My last ‘personal’ blog titled ‘On work and wanderlust has a publishing date of almost two years ago. Therefore, time for a small update on my personal life and also to reveal new exciting travel plans!

On a personal note

In september, I finally obtained my Ph.D. degree, which I celebrated together with friends, family and colleagues. It was an amazing day!

After that, it was time for relaxation, so I flew to Canggu in Bali for 1,5 week of surfing, diving, yoga and good food. It was all very ‘eat pray love’ like, but exactly what I needed! My favorite moments included diving with massive manta rays in Nusa Penida, catching my first ‘green waves’ and falling asleep during the yoga and meditation classes. It was my second time in Bali and I loved it. I was also ‘recognized’ by someone who knew my blog, which was the first time ever!

Didn’t bring camera’s (or guidebooks) on this trip and I only took a handful of photos with my mobile in Bali, including this one!!

Because of work, I lived in Amsterdam for the past six months, where I worked as a medical doctor in the university hospital. However, this december I will already move back to Rotterdam. I truly enjoyed living in Amsterdam. I was fortunate enough to find a beautiful house where I lived together with 7 cool roommates (including friend and travel vlogger ‘Travel Gretl’!) and 2 lovely cats. Other than that, I spent my days visiting music festivals with friends, occasionally volunteering (language lessons), reading books (e.g. Congo by David van Reybrouck), watching series (Stranger Things) and of course, exploring beautiful Amsterdam!

The Rembrandt House in Amsterdam.

I also got some cool presents at my Ph.D. party such as the Atlas Obscura (an atlas with strange and obscure places), a Jimmy Nelson photo book and a ‘surprise city trip’! The destination of this city trip was only revealed when we were at the airport. So exciting!! I just hoped it wouldn’t be Edinburgh, because I had already planned a visit to Edinburgh. But, what are the chances…? Edinburgh it was! Of course, I absolutely loved it! It all worked out quite well, because during my next Edinburgh visit I won’t have time to explore the city anyway as I will attend the World Extreme Medicine conference (which is all about practicing medicine in extreme and harsh environments e.g. space, desert, war zones).

Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh
Me and my friends in Edinburgh! Thanks girls!!

Upcoming winter adventures

Ready to announce my travel destinations for this winter!

As you know, I considered the three following options:

  1. Ecuador/Colombia
  2. Philippines/Indonesia
  3. Ethiopia/Djibouti

Ecuador and Colombia were high on my list. I was quite keen to take part in one of the glacier schools in Ecuador, climb some vulcanoes and try to surf some waves again. But, Ecuador would have been quite expensive with the Galapagos islands and somehow, South America just doesn’t appeal to me as much as Africa and Asia. Am I missing out? Probably! Still, I’m quite certain I’ll get there again soon. The Philippines and Indonesia were also in the race to become my next destination. However, I just came back from Bali and because I have a little bit more time to spent, I figured it makes sense to pick a more adventurous destination for this trip.

I’ve already been close to Ethiopia. This photo was taken in remote northern Kenya in the dusty town of Lodwar, near the Somalian/Ethiopian border.

So, Ethiopia it is!! But that’s not all. Instead of flying to Addis Abeba, I decided to fly to Cairo and to explore Egypt and Sudan as well. And there is more! Directly after Ethiopia, I will fly to Mexico to explore Yucatan for two weeks with friends. Not bad, hey? Here are some things to look forward to:

  • learn about ancient Egypt
  • diving in the Red Sea
  • admire the Merou pyramids in Sudan
  • enjoy the famous Sudanese hospitality
  • trekking in the Simien mountains in Ethiopia
  • explore the vulcanic Danakil Depression
  • witness the famous Timcat festival in Ethiopia
  • swimming in the ceynotes in Mexico
  • see the ancient Maya temples

Anyway, I can’t wait to start this new mini adventure. It gives me a feeling of excitement in my stomach, which is always a good sign! I already leave december 7nd, which is soon! I intend to give some updates via Instagram and Facebook, so if you’re interested, make sure to follow me!

Ready for more diving adventures after enjoying the underwater world in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and South Africa!

Would you like to travel to these countries? Or have you already been to Egypt, Sudan or Ethiopia? Or Yucatan in Mexico? I would love to get your tips!

Zou jij op reis willen naar deze landen? Of ben je er misschien al geweest? Zo ja, dan ben ik benieuwd naar je tips!


  1. Wow, this is going to be an amazing adventure! I look forward traveling along online. :-) What a funny combination: Africa + Mexico are two very different destinations I think. :-)

  2. I can’t wait to follow along on this new African/Mexican adventure! I went back to read your post about work and wanderlust and it really resonated with me. I’m currently in graduate school to become a nurse practitioner (an advanced practice nurse with prescriptive & diagnostic privileges). I miss being on the road SO much, and am looking forward to planning a big trip after I graduate. But, like you, I don’t want to be a full-time traveler. I’d like to have the best of both worlds and build a life somewhere in the U.S. and hopefully find a job that gives me plentyyyy of vacation time so that I can continue to travel the world.

    • Hi there! I’m soooo sorry for my late response. That’s the best way to do it: plan big trips after graduating! I’m sure you will be able to have a life of travel and also a life ‘at home’. It just requires smart planning ;)


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